Business Incubation

We helps new and startup companies develop by providing services such as management, training and office spaces

Our small to medium sized business bookeeping is designed to fit your needs. We take into consideration tax requirements and business law to customize your account. For instance, a retail business' bookkeeping records include inventory transactions, while a construction company might record transactions about asset purchase and depreciation. Our corperate bookkeeping considers investemnt grade assets and the laws that surround the industy


  • Facilitating entrepreneurship and small business development
  • Developing and maintaining effective marketing communications, with special emphasis on digital marketing
  • Office space and equitment available
  • Strong customer service relationships with new and existing clients

Growing a small business isn’t easy. We ensure your business’s survival and economic well-being by offering our incubation service. Our tilored approach adressing the challenges you will face on your jouney and help you overcome these obstacles.