Jeiver Gonzalez

Corporate Accounting


Jeiver Gonzalez graduated from The University of Phoenix in 2008 with an MBA specilized in Global Management. Soon after, he founded gno International Business Center with the mission of helping businesses reach their full potential.

"Opportunity is not not give but earned. Hard work and determination layed the foundation for gno International Business Center. I amround to serve my community. Our business will continue to grow though quality customer service and intergrety."- Jeiver Gonzalez

Certifed IRS Enrollment Agent, Ceritifed Quickbooks Pro, Certified VITA Expert, & Certifed IRS Tax Preparer.

Jeiver's background in accounting originated from his experience as a corporate manager. By applying what he has learned to small businesses, he has opened the door for many sucess stories. There is no challenge too large or small for Mr. Gonzalez as his firm contines to grow. He looks forward to the future of gno International Buiness Center and is excited to announce what 2020 has in store.